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Islamic Academy of San Antonio

2018-2020 PreK4SA Grant Recipient

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The Islamic Academy was blessed to be a recipient of the 2018-2020 PreK4SA Educational Grant to be implemented in the school over the 2018-2020 school years. It will assist in making improvements from hiring new staff, CDA certification of current staff, new technology, classroom equipment/materials, and even an outside classroom to be utilized by every grade level, Toddlers to 6th grade! We will be working closely with PreK4SA, beginnning this year, to make the Islamic Academy of San Antonio the best it can be with the following 6 goals:

Goal 1: Equitable Access To support equitable access to early learning across the City by increasing the number of accredited child development centers. 

Goal 2: Instructional Quality To improve the instructional quality in early childhood classrooms: a) By increasing the number of teachers with a Child Development Associate credential (CDA); b) through the programmatic use of the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS); and c) by providing targeted professional learning aligned with the High Quality Impact Pyramid

Goal 3: Student Outcomes To improve student learning and growth along the Pre-K through third grade continuum through common assessment and student outcome data sharing. 

Goal 4: Pre-K – 3rd Alignment To align curriculum and standards from Pre-K through third grade by providing professional learning for district and program leaders. 

Goal 5: Family Engagement To support Pre-K through third grade learning by developing a welcoming environment and sense of belonging for families and communities.

Goal 6: High Quality Impact Pyramid To increase the quality components of early education programs based on the High Quality Impact Pyramid.


Classes will begin September 3rd, 2019. The school day begins promptly at 7:45 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Thursday and to 2:30 pm on Friday. Anyone arriving after 7:45 am will be considered tardy and will need to go to the front office before proceeding to the classroom with a parent or guardian for those PreK and under. 



IASA Events/Holidays 2019-2020

Sept. 1
…………………. Open House* @ 2 pm

Sept. 2 …………Labor Day/ School Closed

Sept. 3………… First Day of School*

Oct. 14……Discovery Day/School Closed

Nov. 25-29………Fall Break/School Closed

Dec. 23-Jan. 3…Winter Break/School Closed

Jan. 20...Civil Rights Day/School Closed

Feb. 17...Severe Weather Make-Up**

March 9-13…Spring Break/ School Closed

May 27… Memorial Day/ School Closed

April 10...Severe Weather Make-Up**

May 25... Eid Al Fitr*/Memorial Day/School Closed

May 29 ....  Graduations and Award Ceremonies

July 4... Independence Day/ School closed

July 31 ...Eid Al Adha*/School Closed

August 24-28... Staff Work Week/ School Closed

* Calendar Subject to change. Please read your Remind messages daily to stay informed.

**Severe Weather Makeup days IASA will be closed unless needed

See photos of IASA events on our school Facebook page. 


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On the authority of Jurthum bin Nashir (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said:

Verily Allah the Almighty has laid down religious obligations (fara'id), so do not neglect them. He has set boundaries, so do not overstep them. He has prohibited some things, so do not violate them; about some things He was silent, out of compassion for you, not forgetfulness, so seek not after them.