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Islamic Academy of San Antonio

The Faculty at the Islamic Academy of San Antonio are dedicated to providing a high quality learning environment for all IASA students. The IASA Faculty is made up of the Board of Directors, Administrators, Teachers and Support Staff working diligently to provide a premium educational opportunity for the students enrolled at IASA.
We invite you to meet and become better acquainted with the IASA Administrators, Teachers and Support Staff.  It is our goal to provide a mechanism of effective communication with students, parents and the community so please feel free to contact any of the Faculty if you have any questions. 

Administrative Codes and other Relevant Documents

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Islamic Academy of San Antonio Director/Principal

Director Musa Sadek    
Musa M. Sadek:  Learning Center Director/ Principal
Brother Musa has been with IASA since it's creation in 2005 and was the original director. After a leave of absence from 2015-2017 he returned to IASA. Br. Musa studied Organizational Behavior and Management, Organizational Sociology and Psychology and Education Curriculum and Instruction at Texas A&M University, College Station and Sam Houston State University. He earned one Master’s level and three undergraduate degrees.